theres definitely more chemistry between korra and mako than asami and mako

yeah, mako is head over heels for asami… but jesus christ it’s like watching two rocks fall in love

especially from asami

i know this, i’ve seen tons of anime and even bigger amounts of korean dramas

good pairings/relationships take a longer timeto develop

you gotta be patient

just because two characters haven’t confessed feelings or really developed their relationship yet, does NOT mean they have no chemistry or ‘sparks’

My ‘feels’ on the new episode. (Spoiler alert)

As I said in the post I just reblogged, I think Asami and her dad are up to something — as well as Tarrlok. Did you notice the look he gave them at the gala? Just as Tenzin said, it’s something about gaining more power. Thus, Asami is all ~I lubb u Mako, desu~~~~. I don’t think she really likes him. Really, I don’t. Something is definitely up here, guiz.

With that, I’d like to add in that I don’t think Korra will be focused on Mako like people want her to be. She has enough on her plate as it with all this anti-rev stuff, tournament stuff, and airbending/avatar stuff. It may get to her later, but right now… No. I don’t think so.

And you know what? That’s what I like about this show. Rather than focusing on pairings, the writers are giving a deeper and darker story line. It’s entertaining and gosh, I was on the edge of my seat as the episode went on!

Yet I still think that Asami is gonna eff something up. Something about her character isn’t right, and she doesn’t seem ‘sweet’ or ‘awesome’ at all. No, this isn’t my Makorra-love talking; it’s my “Kayla likes to overanalyze children’s shows” talking. I will not like Asami. I will not support Masami. End of story.

On a positive note, anyone else find Bolin, Ikki and Meelo making the episode even more hilariously awesome with their adorableness and crazy shenanigans? Fucking love them, man.

But yeah. I’m done.